Haneen Zeidan

Project Manager of Rural Women Development Society (RWDS), oPT
Rural Women’s Development Society (RWDS) is a Palestinian non-governmental organization working in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was founded in 1987 as the women’s sub-committee of Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) and became independently registered with the Palestinian Authority under RA-287-C in 2001. RWDS is one of the leading women’s organizations in Palestine, with a strong and respected grassroots presence in rural communities and more than 3000 women members active ina network of 64RWDS clubs across the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Our unique structure, geographic breadth and large core of dedicated volunteers distinguish RWDS from other women’s organizations in Palestine. RWDS advances the rights of rural women by creating an empowering and supportive environment for them in their local communities, highlighting their important contributions to Palestinian society and designing innovative projects under the programmatic areas of Economic, Political and Social Empowerment. Our action-oriented approach emphasizes education, community participation, skill-building, and advocacy to develop rural women into strong, committed leaders.

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