Isabelle Miron

Mrs. Isabelle Miron, Councilor at the City of Gatineau, Quebec –
Mrs Miron holds a degree in political science, in women’s studies and management. For over 10 years, she was an administrator working for a resource-based community center offering services to francophones in Ottawa. She is well aware of the challenges that lie at the core of good governance and crisis management and the hardships that vulnerable communities experience. He has previous worked as a Co-president of the city’s Commission jeunesse (youth commission), Vice-president of the Commission des arts, de la culture, des lettres et du patrimoine (the commission for the arts, culture, artistic practice and heritage), Member of the RFAQ, the network for Québec businesswomen and Member of the Table de coordination des clubs d’âge d’or du secteur Hull (the coordinating table for the senior citizens’ clubs of the Hull Sector).

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