Imam Elie Bukuru Khalfan (panellist)

Imam Khalfan is the Vice Secretary of Alliance of Inclusive Muslims, the #ImamsForShe Project Manager, and President founder and Legal Representative of Alliance des Imams du Corridor Nord pour le Developpement Humanitaire. He is one of the leaders of the Muslim community in Burundi. Imam Khalfan holds a graduate degree in Mathematical Physics from the High Teachers Training School of Burundi (ENS). He studied Islamic Studies at the Islamic Institute of Mombasa and has held the position of Imam in Ngozi province in Burundi since 2013. Through Alliance of Imams, Imam Khalfan is engaged in the promotion of human rights, citizen participation and humanitarian development as a whole. Imam Khalfan is currently one of the #ImamsForShe Champions and has participated in several international conferences. He participated in the International Visitors Leadership Program regarding interfaith in several states of United States of America, a program organized by Department State of USA.

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