Ms. Violet Shiyutse

Leader of Huariou Commission
For over 10 years, Violet has worked as a community health worker and home-based caregiver in the Shibuye sub-region of the Shinyalu constituency, Kenya. She provides direct care and support to hundreds of HIV-positive community members, including orphans, elderly and the critically ill. She is the Founder and Coordinator of Shibuye Community Health Workers and a regional watchdog group, which works with local authorities to enforce land and inheritance rights of women and orphans. She works to build community resilience and combat climate change, and negotiates with authorities for gender-responsive policy. She trains women and local authorities in Local- to-Local dialogues to ensure equitable implementation of development policies. Violet has represented the Huairou Commission in policy fora all over the world, continuously pushing for rural and grassroots women’s inclusion at higher levels of dialogue. She is a grassroots representative on UN Women’s Global Civil Society Advisory Board

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